Innovation meets expertise in every piece of Kӧrber tissue converting, packaging, and folding equipment. Industry-leading technologies and the support teams to maximize their efficiencies help our partners keep pace with emerging trends, overcome challenges, and redefine the future of tissue with effective, efficient solutions that do the same.

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The place to find quick delivery tissue converting, packaging, and folded equipment solutions that combine advanced technologies and expert support.


The marketplace for trusted pre-owned converting and packaging machines, chosen by our industry experts and ready to provide fast restarts in plants worldwide.


Whether upgrading equipment or adding rolled tissue products to your line to meet demand, the partnership you choose is as important as the machinery. Körber is the trusted name in tissue manufacturing innovation. Our rewinders/winders, log saws, and advanced, custom technologies are designed to solve even the toughest production challenges while enhancing operational efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

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Fold napkins and interfold products continue to gain global popularity and dominate brand expansion. Trusted suppliers are finding it practical and profitable to add Körber converting and packaging equipment that makes it possible to offer folded product services that meet current and anticipated needs.

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Customer Service

Helping our partners succeed doesn’t end at the production line. We proactively lean into training, technical support, data analysis, spare parts provision, and other value-added services that make our equipment, technologies, and relationships more effective and efficient.

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Digital Tissue™

Digital Tissue™ smart services and technical solutions combine the potential of Big Data with our field-proven technical expertise to help our partners realize maximum productivity and profitability. Our industry-leading technologies are reshaping the business models behind how tissue manufacturers go to market.

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Customer Product Development

Kӧrber is dedicated to helping our partners strategically develop innovative products that disrupt existing channels, open new markets, and create competitive differentiation. Our tissue expertise and forward-thinking technologies in design, analysis, prototyping, and embossing address current challenges and prepare our partners for sustained future success.

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Configurable Lines: Converting

Equipment showcase

Tissue converting, packaging and fold equipment available for quick delivery

Perini MyLine Pro
  • Complete production line
  • Ideal for 600 m/min production speeds
  • Available in 2,800 mm format
  • Handles diameters up to 200 mm
  • Cycle rates up to 40 logs/min
Perini MyLine Flexy
  • Complete production line
  • Ideal for 600 m/min production speeds
  • Handles diameters up to 200 mm
  • Embossing rolls can be replaced automatically from a warehouse that can store 4 additional rolls, thanks to Catalyst technology
Perini Constellation S8
  • Ideal for 700 m/min production speeds
  • Siemens platform
  • Catalyst S8
  • 374 Unwinder
  • Log Saw 177EVO 
  • Cycles rates up 60 logs/min
Proxima s6-3
Perini Proxima S6
  • Complete industrial line
  • Ideal for 600 m/min production speeds
  • Excellent performances for every type of AFH products
Catalyst S6 Embosser
  • Automatic changeover in just 10 minutes
  • Easy and intuitive
Casmatic CMW3000 Wrapper
  • Max production speed: 200 packs/min
  • Max diameter: 165
  • 90–457 mm pack height
MTC Star M2 Napkin Folder
  • Napkin folder machine
  • Double head
  • Max production speed: 800 mpm, 5000 napkins/min
Perini 702G
  • Slitter-rewinder for industrial roll production
  • Semi-automatic standard operation
  • Conversion kit available for complete automation and production of logs with full-length cores
177EVO_EN_photo 3
177EVO Log Saw
  • Four or five lanes; one-, two- or three-layer formats
  • Quick blade replacement and bottom sealer extraction systems improve efficiencies
  • Handles diameters up to 200 mm
Carbon-T Wrapper
  • Fully automatic overhead flight trolleys change
  • Maximum production speed: up to 200 packs/minute
E500 Steel Embossing Unit
E500 Steel Embossing Unit
  • Paper width: 2700 mm
  • Diameter of steel rolls: 500 mm
  • Power installed: 40 kW
  • Air consumption: about 100 nL/min.
  • Air pressure required: 6 bar
Casmatic by DM Pack 2
Industrial Packaging Line
  • Industrial line for AFH products
  • Primary and multipackage packaging rolls line
Langhammer Gantry Palletizer PR04
  • Layer Palletizer
  • Palletizer for Bundles
  • Palletizer for Display Products (Packs)
  • Very careful handling of the product