Casmat A6T Wrapper

Casmatic A6T is a wrappermachine designed to make all its parts easily accessible and ensure easy and simple maintenance, guided by the preventive maintenance software. Fully automatic, Casmatic A6T ensures easy and fast format changeovers, guided step by step in all its operations. Innovative systems such as quick blade change and quick removal of the sealing module make the machine unique in its kind. *

4_Gruppo formato salvaspazio
4_Gruppo formato salvaspazio

Key benefits


  • More than 130 product configurations  
  • Roll diameters up to 200 mm  
  • Three levels  
  • 5 lanes 

Easy to use

  • Average time of 10 minutes for format changeover, even for inexperienced operators.  
  • 3D synoptic and preventive maintenance guide operators through maintenance operations  
  • Step-by-step guided procedure for format changeovers   


  • Designed for easy maintenance  
  • New mechanical structure for the machine base  
  • New mechanical structure for the welding unit  
  • New mechanical structure for feeding 

*Please note that these are standard characteristics of the line that might be affected to modifications. To receive more information about the machine and the delivery time, please fill in the form.