MTC ITF towel

MTC ITF omni use the original MTC vacuum folding technology developed over time that enables top level productivity and efficiency.
These widely tested Interfolders have been conceived to produce hand towels by using the well-known and reliable vacuum folding system. Thanks to the use of the most advanced and developed electronic and mechanical technologies, MTC ITF Single Folders always ensure, in every converting context, the best quality of the finished products, as well as high productive capacity, reliability and efficiency.*


Main characteristics

  • Reel width: 2100mm , 2750mm.
  • Laminator distributor rolls included only for 1000mm and 1325mm size.
  • Max workable trimmed paper width on the folding head: 1325 mm
  • Max production speed 280 mt/min
  • Number of cycles: 16 log/min.
  • Max reel weight 5000 kg.
  • Diverter not included.

*Please note that these are standard characteristics of the line. To receive additional information, contact us, clicking on "request a quote"