MTC ITF Change

MTC ITF Change is an high performance, V-fold, interfolding head for Facial and Hand Towel products, that allows extremely quick and flexible cut-off change thanks to an automatic cassette replacement system.

This solution is extremely simplified thanks to an automatic transfer system and the insertion of the cutting blades directly on the folding rolls.

The mobile and automatic log conveyor belt, in addition to being instrumental for replacing the cassette, also allows switching from Facial products to Hand Towel and vice versa without penalizing the maximum cycles rate and without intervening on the machine.

The replacement of the cassette available at the warehouse with a new one, as well as its maintenance, can be performed at any time while the line is running.*


Specific Line’s characteristics:

  • Type of fold: V-fold
  • Max workable paper width: 1450 mm
  • Log height (un-compressed) MIn 30 mm - Max 350 mm
  • Cut off Min 180 mm - Max 230 mm
  • Working speed: Up to 220 m/min
  • Cycle per minute: Up to 22
  • Sound proof cabinet: Included
  • Embossing wheels: Included
  • Cassette unit one: included (2 cutting unit and 2 folding/cutting rolls)
  • Folding/cutting rolls: Include easy maintenance with extraction of suction section chamber
  • Log exit conveyor with motorized vertical movement
  • Cassette warehouse and automatic overhead crane: Optional – Not included






*Please note that these are standard characteristics of the line. To receive additional information, contact us, clicking on "request a quote"