MTC MyFold facial

At Körber Tissue we have a MTC MyFold facial, available for quick delivery. MTC MyFold lines are designed to allow a good level of customization while delivering consistently high performance and product quality. Thanks to their consolidated vacuum folding technology, the two line versions, MTC MyFold facial and MTC MyFold towel, enable tissue manufacturers to affordably launch innovative interfold products with short delivery time.*


Main characteristics

  • Type of fold: V Fold
  • Cut off: 200mm with paper width 1400/1330/1260/1230mm
  • Max production speed up to 220 mt/min.
  • Number of cycles: up to 20 per minute
  • Max reel weight 5000 kg.
  • Diverter not included.
  • Rockwell Platform – CE/UL Standards

Key benefits

  • High performance/price ratio
  • Low investment risk
  • Short delivery


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*Please note that these are standard characteristics of the line. To receive additional information, contact us, clicking on "request a quote"