Perini Vega S8

Perini Vega S8 is a high speed rewinder capable to produce rolls up to the diameter of 330 mm. The innovative Sincro Evo patented web severing system simplifies and improves the transfer phase up to the speed of 800 m/min with traditional products, while the revolutionary WebTuck optional (not present on this line) allows glue-free pick-up on the core at the incredible speed of 700 m/min. Perfect winding quality at high speeds is further guaranteed by the active Punzoncini central winding system.*.

perini 3662
perini 3662

The machine is equipped with:

  • Line with Siemens electrical platform

  • Perini 366 Unwinder: Unwinds reels up to 3000 Kg and diameter 2500 mm

  • Perini 456 AX embosser: allows the automatic replacement of steel rolls from the operator panel without the need to remove the rolls from their lodging.

  • Perini 560 CVL Tailsealer: designed to seal logs up to the diameter of 250 mm.

  • Perfect sealing up to 50 log/min

  • Perini 323/2 Flying splice unwind

  • Perini 236 Corewinder

  • Perini 588 Accumulator for logs up to the diameter of 250 mm

  • Perini 179AX log saw for max rolls diameter 250 mm, with automatic blade change system

Product characteristics: 

  • Log diameters: Min 90 mm (3.54”); Max 330 mm (13”)
  • Core diameter: Min 38 mm (1.50”); Max 60 mm (2.36”); With Web Tuck® max 50 mm (1.97”)
  • Production capacity: Up to 60 logs/min
  • Perforation length: from 100 mm (3.93”) to 840 mm (33.07”)

Optional available on this line:

  • Warm-up contactless Double: The first world’s system to use electromagnetic induction heating for embossing. This version installed on both upper and lower steel roll
  • Perini Sam Perf active: for checking perforation quality while the line is running,at any speed, for each sheet and each roll, with an accuracy in the range of few millimeters and the possibility of automatically correct the error.


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*Please note that these are standard characteristics of the line. To receive additional information, contact us, clicking on "request a free cosultation".