MTC Myfold towel 

Off the shelf and ready to run, MTC MyFold lines are designed to allow a good level of customization while delivering consistently high performance and product quality. 
Thanks to their consolidated vacuum folding technology, the MTC MyFold Towel enable tissue manufacturers to affordably launch innovative interfold products with short delivery time, as hand towels with single and double ply.*

MTC Myfold_3
MTC Myfold_3

Main characteristics :

  • Type of fold: V fold 
  • Working speed: up to 250 mt/min (machine speed changes depending on product type)  
  • Trimmed paper width: 1400mm, 1330mm, 1260mm, 1230mm 
  • Cut-off: 210 mm 
  • Siemens - UL

Line configuration: 

  • 2 x Unwinders MTC SU25.4 
  • 1 x DESL MTC N2000R with cutting and turning station 
  • 1 x Folding Head MyFold towel 
  • 1 x Banding Machine MTC B35IV 
  • 1 x Log Saw MTC LS 130/2  

Key benefits:

  • High performance and efficiency 
  • Consolidated technology 
  • Optimized configuration and investment

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*Please note that these are standard characteristics of the line that might be affected to modifications. To receive more information about the machine and the delivery time, please fill in the form.